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About Us

Rosegardens is a small business unit run by a family consisting of five members. Mr. Tomy Joseph who is a botanist is from Kottayam which is the middle part of Kerala, his wife Raji Tomy is from Alleppey. After their marriage they moved to Munnar.  Mr. Tomy was found of growing plants as he was a botanist which later became a Nursery where plants were sold. This gave the name "Rosegardens" as there were almost 40 Varieties of Roses at that time.

As few Foreign guest once visited suggested an idea of starting a Bed and Breakfast facility to the guest where it will be possible for them to experience the beauty at the best. This gave birth to the "Rosegardens Homestay" which is now around 15 years old. We were able to satisfy and fulfil the needs of the guests and was made to experience the Guests with the local experience of the state. 


Rosegardens Homestay was proud in providing its services to guests from more than 92 countries. All these made us the best service provider in the state. On December 2017 the State Awarded us for the Best Approved and Classified Homestay in Kerala, and was honoured by the Chief Minister of Kerala Shri.Pinarayi Vijayan. 

Homestays and Tourism Society (HATS) Kerala, State level  organisation.

It was at this point that our clients recommended that we should start to set Tour plans for the clients so that they can experience all over the state in such an experience that is offered in Rosegardens Homestay. As we had connections with many other genuine Homestays in the state where the tourists would be able to get a good experience, we thought of starting one. 

We planned to help the clients to design their travel plans by adding some genuine Homestays at each destinations. This will enable the guests to explore Kerala at its best possible way.  

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