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Homestay or Bed and Breakfast

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

As the name suggests, its just providing accommodation in home or providing bed and breakfast. It was a common type of business in many places like London, where the people who has extra rooms in their house.

Once a minister from Kerala happened to visit and experience the same, that was when he thought that it would be very successful idea that could be introduced in a place like Kerala where the tourists would be able to spend a day with a local Kerala Family at a cheap price.

This was an attractive option for the tourist especially for the inbound tourists who have spend their whole life experiencing the busy towns and cities. The Homestay establishments in was generally set up in the rural areas where the developments have not eaten up the traditional culture and practices of a typical Kerala.

A Homestay would be the prefect selection of stay for those travellers who really want to experience the culture of a locality, this would be able to provide a very clear picture of how the people of a place actually are. There are plenty of writings about the traditions and culture of a locality but all those materials would not be able to provide the actual feel of those. But when the person stay in a Home, spend few days in such a home would be able to really understand and live those written articles.

When a tourist comes to a tourist destination, he/she would love to explore the destinations as much as possible. For such a traveller the Homestay would be a good option for them. The tourist would be able to understand the reality and as interacting with the people they would able to suggest you those spots that would suite the taste and preferences of the tourist based on the interactions with the family. They would be able to suggest the best spots and activities that the tourist would be interested in doing. For Example, there are few travellers are really interested in trekking and the local family would be able to help them find the suitable spot for the same.

For those travellers who would love to have a break from their busy life schedule and serious works. Watch the video that was published by the Govt. of Kerala.

This video explains the way that everyone can get revealed from their stress and tensions which you are into. When getting involved in some activities that can make you forget your tensions, travelling in one such activity that helps you to make your minds free.

When you visit places like Kerala one should definitely stay in a Homestay to get an experience of how the life in Kerala really is.

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