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Homestays in Kerala

Updated: Jan 18, 2019

Kerala is a land of spices, traditions and culture Homestays in Kerala plays an important role in building the Tourism industry .Most of the western market is fully concentrated on Homestays, the travellers can not only visit the local destination but also experience the local live especially food, culture, life style, agricultural setup and social setup. Homestays offers an authentic Kerala experience to discerning travellers; the Homestay sector has played a key role in Kerala Tourism’s success story. By staying with a local family the Travellers can experience the real side of Kerala. You can find Homestays everywhere in Kerala, sometimes you even find some houses where you can stay in Remote villages

120 Year Old House  Surrounded by Spice plantation in Munnar
Rosegardens Homestay Munnar National Award Winner 2016-17

Feel the real warmth of a local family by staying in a house, the concept of Homestay came from the European Run Bed & Breakfast Idea, But when it comes to Homestay it got a different face where the traveller can experience a local cuisine sometimes can Experience by trying your hands on local cooking under the guileless of a local family. It is always better to stay with a local family because they knows the local area better and could guide you properly

The host Raji shares the Tip of Local Cuisine to the Travelers
Travelers learning the local cuisines

Most of the Homestays serve locally grown organic Vegetable from their own farm or local village, Homestays always help in the development of a local area because when I traveller stays in a local house the village people makes the benefit some of them gets a opportunity to take the travellers for a walk or take them for a tour of the area, some others can produce local products like Milk, Eggs, vegetables and Fruits. It also a chance for the new Generations kids or youngsters to improve their English speaking talents and also give them a confidence to face some challenges in life.

Travelers Enjoying Dinner with Local Family

Dinner table is the place where ideas and suggestions are shared. Homestays are normally a small property run by a family where they have maximum 5 Rooms sometimes around the dinner table you will have Travellers from 5 Different Nationalities, you can share you travel plans with the Travellers and also change your according to the suggestions from other travellers during your meal.

souvenir Picture
Traveler from England Taking the Picture of the Hosting Family to remember their stay in Kerala

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